February 27, 2005

countdown continues...

only 61 days 14 hours and 29 minutes left!

I am finally healthy again!!! I can tell the difference in my mind and feelings now that I am not sick. I have so much more hope for finishing, and also more engergy and drive to get things done.

I am beginning to be excited!

I am caught up in my Chinese class, but I still have to get caught up in my international business class, I talk to the teacher on tuesday. I have read on my own almost up to where they should be in class. I am pretty sure she will work with me since I was out sick, and I am a graduating senior.

I am finally beginning to see all the loose ends that were flapping wildly in the wind wind down to a managable level.

and life goes on!!!

Posted by GodzScout at February 27, 2005 12:33 AM