February 16, 2005

personal update

For those of you who care to know:

I am only 71 days 16 hours out from my last day of school.

my car is surviving, but contankerously. I have replaced three coolant hoses in the last week. We expect the fourth to go any day now. Also, the spedometer stopped working. It's a 12 dollar part, but who knows how much it will cost me to get it replaced.

Kung Fu classes are going well, I learned Tai Xing (phoenix form) and Shao Lin number 1 the other day. Both very cool forms. 1st and 2nd Peter are comin along quite nicely, both on babuda 5. Almost ready to test for white. They are a joy to me.

Church is well, we have a new sunday school teacher, I haven't been in his class yet but I am sure it will be good.

School is progressing. I am trying to get the wrinkles ironed out before graduation, and there are a lot of them. Every time I get one ironed out, another pops up. Grrr.

I have been sick, and although I have been making progress in kicking that, I have had to sacrifice my attendance in my classes for the much needed sleep in order to get well.

Daily life responsibilities like eating, cleaning my living space (you know, the car), doing laundry, bills, taxes, and other such stuff are an ever present challenge to get done. Homework is never ending.

Add on top of all of that, my mind is a little dull from all the strain upon it, so it is moving a little slow these days. I forget random pieces of information (like what day it is, where I am going, what I am supposed to do next, what I just studied a minute ago...) I swear, education kills your brian cells.

A good note is, that I am making excellent progress on my attempt to read through a friends chronological Bible in a year. Right on target, thanks Kate!

My co-workers made me promise to go to the doctor, they even found one and made the appointment. It's nice to know they care. I have not been to a doctor in about 4 years, i guess it's time.

Praise God that only one of our cars (Jason's mine and Jon's) have gone out at a time, we seem to rotate through them all on a regular basis.

Praise God that I have so many people who help me and pray for me, I would be no where without them all.

Praise God for being God in the areas of my teachers and my classes and my credit hours and my grades. He has continually blessed me in that area throughout my entire college carear.

Praise God for being God in my work life. He keeps me safe, from making too many stupid moves, and opens the right doors and closes the wrong ones.

Praise God for being God in my personal life. He has blessed me with so many friends, family, and aquaintances that are such an encouraging force to me. They provide me with motivation, opportunity, and rewards that help me to keep going in the hard times. Thanks!

I keep getting asked, "So what are you going to do when you graduate?"

Answer: "The same thing I have been doing for the last 7 years, minus school."

I plan on staying with Wal-Mart, maybe enter the Management program, maybe follow another path if one presents itself. But the truth is, I am just looking forward to being able to read again. Read for myself, for pleasure. To study at my pace. Maybe to start teaching more often, to help my kung fu teacher more. To be more useful at my church. Life will continue and I will follow the path that God leads me on. And only He knows that.

Posted by GodzScout at February 16, 2005 11:23 PM