July 10, 2004

this last week

this last week my church has been doing a vbs in castlewood. I have been teaching the missions session on China. It has been a real challenge because they didn't give me any material to teach, I had to build it from scratch. But each night I learned something new to talk about and day by day the material appeared to teach. Each day I learned something new to help me with the next day. God's hand was there if in no one else but me.

I worked overnights monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and had off thursday and friday. That was a new experience and it totally threw my whole schedule off.

Combine both of those things with my power being off, and I was very busy. I didn't even get a chance to go on my bike ride, so first thing monday morning, I will be riding west on clayton road until I hit claymont estates drive just west of baxter, I will coast down that road and then ride up baxter to clayton and begin my return journey back up clayton. A total journey of 28 miles and a very nice ride. Anyone want to come along? You're welcome!!


Posted by GodzScout at July 10, 2004 01:31 AM