June 30, 2004

just stuff

today was an interesting day at work. I just followed the store manager around today for the most part. I was talking to him about the different type of work that managers have to do there. For the entire 6 years of working at walmart I have always been drilled in my head that I need to keep moving keep busy always something to do, but as a manager it is not that way at all. There is so much of the job that is literally just standing and watching and walking around, comparatively it is like doing nothing. He said it took a year to overcome the feeling of guilt, I don't know. It may take that long, I hope not. I am caught in a quandry of how to do my job and balance supervising and delegating and actually doing the work myself. And it is different with each manager, with one manager, I almost feel guilty stopping to talk to an associate about an issue, while with another manager I feel like they talk too much and don't do enough! Hehe, ohh well, just part of the job I guess. It will get easier when I get used to it.

Posted by GodzScout at June 30, 2004 12:35 AM