June 14, 2004

spiritual warfare

"I was often alone in my youth, but I was content. For I had my places of refuge -- the church, the prairie, the store – and I would dream of what I would do when I finally left that "furnace"."


"What? Don't you know, dear girl, that life is a battle and you are a weapon?"

"Oh, goodness, what do you mean by that?"

"You were mined from among the mountains. Chiseled out of the stone, melted in a fire, you were poured into a mold, shaped by the Master's hand with a hammer in the fire of trial and tribulation, beaten with life and made stronger because of it, forged for a holy purpose, to be used in battle against an evil enemy.

"When God sought you, He did so with a purpose. So He could wield you in a battle for His glory. Only, the battle is not waged with swords of metal, not of steel and iron, but of spirit and soul, against demons and devils and the prince of them. The enemy is strong; he will come against us like a flood. Like a roaring lion, he seeks whom he may devour. But do not fear, for the victory is ours! Simply to be yielded, and thus wielded by the greatest Warrior of all!"

Posted by GodzScout at June 14, 2004 11:39 PM