June 08, 2004

slaves of heaven

What does it mean to be totally sold out to God? I have heard that expression used so many times to people that I sometimes wonder even know what it means. Here is what I think it means: it means that we are bought with a price, we are not our own. Yet sometimes we forget the significance of that statement. If we are not our own, why should we go about life making plans for ourselves as though they were ours to do with as we pleased? To be sold out means that we do not make plans for ourselves, it means that we fully submit to the plans He has made for us, not for our glory but for His. Our sole purpose for everything we do is this: to please and glorify Him.

Posted by GodzScout at June 8, 2004 10:35 AM

to all:
-Whom could we find on earth that models being sold out for God?
First person that comes to mind could be,
pastor Larry Rice, New Life Evagelistic center.
Billy Grahm, maybe.
Many missionaries around the world.
No,all good examples, but Jesus Christ was the best example of all and still is.
Jesus had a fully yielded spirit to his Father's purpose and plan, as we should too.
-Did Jesus have to yield his spirit?
I believe He had the power to walk away, like us.
Jesus chose to lay His life down for us because He loves us over serving himself and the world; selfless love.
Jesus asked us to be imitators of Himself,are we?
Are we afriad to be different? Why?
God says 'fear not' 'greater is your reward in Heaven'
-Can we give up our desires for God's desires?
We cannot hold on to the things of this world and see God's desires clearly.
Jesus was not concerned with what the world thought,said and did to Him, obeying His Father was most important of all.
-What if Jesus chose His own will over His Father's will?
I would not want to think about it!
-Now, you know why it is important to love,praise,honor,and obey God in all you do and say ,over obeying yourself and the world?
God has an important plan and purpose for your life,like Jesus was given.
-Jesus left the cross behind Him still standing strong today, question is, what are you going to leave behind that will still stand strong for God?


Posted by: jena at June 9, 2004 02:34 AM

good thoughts

Posted by: Read at June 10, 2004 12:57 AM