November 10, 2005

life is so busy

I appologize for not doing anything on my blog recently, my life has been so busy lately with work and kung fu stuff.

Right now the st louis kuan is hosting our grandmaster (shiye--teacher's teacher) for a seminar this weekend, so lots of things to do.

I was recently given a new nickname by a local teacher/classmate of mine, the ubiquitous dragon, because I am everywhere a kung fu class is helping the teachers teach. On friday nights I go out to troy and help my teacher do his class out there, on saterday mornings I work out with a classmate one-on-one, on sunday afternoons I am in north county at Flo. Val. baptist church helping Jason Crahan teach his class, and later that night I am in Shiloh, IL helping Danny teach his, and on Monday I teach Shifu's class at his house. 4 classes and one 1-on-1 session every week. Did I ever mention that I love this.

Gotta run, got stuff to do in prep for tomorrow.

Posted by GodzScout at November 10, 2005 12:35 AM