April 27, 2005

april 27, the number 31

What does the number 31 mean? The answer to that question depends on the context. To me it means several things. It represents the number of chapters in my favorite book of the Bible, Proverbs. It is what my oldest brother will be next year. It is the number that represents the perfect woman. And most importantly, this year, today, it is the number of years my parents have been married. This saterday, the 30th, I graduate from college, so there is a lot of hullabalou about me lateley. Well, let's take a few minutes out and put things back in focus, today, it's about Richard and Priscilla Wall. After all, without them, I wouldn't be alive, and without their influence, I wouldn't be in college at all, let alone graduating.

I remember asking mom and dad lots of little questions, picking up little tidbits about how they met. It would have made an awesome love story. Let me give you a few highlights, things that I thought were important:

I remember mom telling me many times that purity was an important thing to her, and she tells of a time when she dated a guy, who was quite surprised that mom wouldn't kiss him on the first date. Even more shocked to find out that she wouldn't sleep with a guy until after they were married. needless to say, they never had a second date.

So, thanks mom; for making purity something worth standing for and for proving that true love does indeed wait.

I remember mom saying that when she first met dad, they were in class together, and she was frustrated with him, because he always seemed to argue with the teacher. Of course dad's side of the story was that he just wanted to understand better. Mother hated argumentative spirits, still does.

so, thanks dad, for being the kind of person to not accept things on face value, for that desire to know better equipped you to be the shining beacon that led your children to where they are now.

I remember how mom and dad went on their first "date". They had graduated from Detroit Bible College, and mom was working in the mail room. She had broken up with her then fiance earlier that year. Father came by the office to pick up some paperwork, and saw her. So he stopped to say hi. He offered to take her out to coffee (or something) and talk. She agreed, but only with the strict understanding that she "wasn't ready" for anything serious. Dad said that was fine, and it was. Dad stayed true to his word. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Mom and dad did many things together just as friends, and the whole time, Dad never stepped beyond the line mother drew in the sand.

So, thanks mom for setting boundries. And Thanks Dad, for honoring her by keeping them.

As time went on, occasionally, Dad would ask mom "are you ready?", and mom would always answer, "no". and that would be that. It become such a predictable answer, that one day dad asked, and to his utter amazement, she said "yes". He didn't know what to do.

Thanks mom for not giving in to first impressions.
Thanks dad for being persistant in your pursuit.

I remember mom saying that one thing that they decided early on in their relationship, was that if they could not be more productive for the kingdom of God together than apart, then they would not continue their relationship.

So thanks mom and dad, for making God the priority in your life and your relationship.

I remember how mom still breaks into tears when she talks about how she knows dad loves her. Because he selflessly serves her in even the little things. He fetches things, he makes her dinner in bed, he fixes things, he gets up to get her that glass of milk, right after he just got settled in bed for the night. Each and every one of those little acts of service says "I love you" in an undeniable, inescapable way.

So thank you father, for showing us young men out there what it means to love someone.

It's men and women like you that prove beyond any doubt that God's way is the best way. It's men and women like you that change lives, leave legacies, make impacts on the hearts and minds of the people around you and your generations to follow, and it was people like you who molded and made this nation great!

thank you, and happy anniversery!

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Thinking about dad's love, he isn't the only "man in my life who's love brings tears to my eyes". Thank you for remembering our anniversary in such a special way.


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