March 04, 2005

what is wisdom?

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is two things at least.

1) A way of living that stems from an understanding of knowledge.
2) An understanding of the Knowledge of the Holy, or knowledge of God.

The first one is fairly self-explanatory, but the second bears further exploration. Is wisdom really an action? Is it possible for me to have wisdom without acting upon it? If this was the case, would I be a wise man; or, simply a wise fool? Solomon had great wisdom, yet he did not always follow his own advice, do we doubt his wisdom?

I propose that wisdom be defined as ďSeeing life through Godís eyes.Ē I also propose that this state is reached when one understands the knowledge of God. By this I do not mean that what God knows we know; rather, an understanding of the knowledge of Godís nature and character. Wisdom calls us to knowledge of God; it requires us to study Him, to draw close to Him. When we do this, we increase in understanding of Him. When this happens, we begin to see life as He sees it. As we draw close to God, we lose ourselves in Him. When we lose ourselves in Him, we find ourselves changed; transformed by His presence to reflect His nature.

When we posses wisdom, but do not exemplify it, then we have studied God, but not drawn close to Him, for none can stand in His presence and remain unchanged. This was the case with Solomon. In certain areas of his life, he withdrew from God, although he knew and understood Godís position on the matter. This is the height of foolishness

Posted by GodzScout at March 4, 2005 09:53 PM