January 05, 2005

the Master Swordsman, and His weapon of choice

Of all the weapons of hand to hand combat, the most versatile and potent is the sword. Throughout the ages of times past, many different swords have been designed and used by different people and cultures. Some swords are long and thin, fast and nimble, they dart in and around and through as they sting their opponent repeatedly and deep into the heart. Some are short and broad and used in pairs, they are strong and fast and cut deep as they are used in the masterful hands. Others are big and heavy and seem to have the wind at their backs as they twirl unstoppable through the air. What could defend against such a force as this! Some are made for cutting, others for stabbing; some use the blade and still others the tip. With all this versatility and variety, it is no wonder why the sword is the favorite weapon for nearly every martial fraternity. A sword is designed for one thing, and one thing only to be used in combat. Any other use is a waste, a travesty of design transformed into trash.

When a warrior chooses his weapon, he does so with much thought and study. Not every warrior is right for the sword. Some would not be able to use it effectively. A sword can only be used to its fullest potential by a true master. For a true master, a sword is an extension of himself. Only when this is so, can the blade truly show its worth.

Jesus Christ is the Master and His weapon of choice is a sword. His degree of mastery is infinite, and thus is not limited to a single kind of sword. No, in His hands, any sword can be a priceless weapon. And with His direction, the sword works miracles and weaves webs of defense and offense that no opponent could even hope to stand against. No army or host of any size could hope to master Him. Nor does He even need a weapon, for with His bare hands, He could do as much. At the sound of His voice, or His very thought, the heavens are brought to fear and trembling! And yet, His weapon of choice is a sword.

Did you know that you can be considered a sword? In order to explain this, let me share a little of my life story. I see my life in three phases, parallel to the phases of a sword. My life in Texas, then Illinois, and now Missouri on through the rest of my life constitute as the time line for these phases. When I lived in Texas, my life had few conflicts spiritually. I believed what I was told by my spiritual mentors without question.
This phase in my life is parallel to the pouring of the metal into a mold of a sword. This is where my character took shape. I was molded by my parents and God in those years.

Then just as the sword that has been molded is taken to the blacksmith's fire and heated up and beaten to work out the impurities, I was put through the fire and tempered when I lived in Illinois. This process of tempering makes the sword strong by working out the impurities that do not need to be there, things that make it weaker. God did this to me in Illinois.

And then I came to Missouri, this is parallel to the phase where the sword is taken and given to the warrior to be used in battle. Biblically we may be warriors, and I do not want to detract from that, so let us consider this in terms of Gods use of us. We do not have what it takes to defeat our foe by ourselves, we are the weapon and Christ is the warrior. And just as the weapon is not the object of praise when the battle is victorious, neither are we.

You see, we are involved in a war. The eventual outcome of this war is already decided, but the battles rage today despite this fact. Our enemy is the Devil, and although doomed to defeat he is determined not to go down without a fight. He has but one objective -- to take as many people with him as he can. He accomplishes this in two ways, 1) he prevents people from becoming saved, and 2) he prevents those who are saved from being used in the war against him.

The Devil would like nothing better than for us as Christians to be swords that are all adorned with fine cords, and delicate engravings, beautiful works of art to be hung on the wall and displayed for all to see. Here is what a Christian is supposed to be a decoration, nothing more.

What a shame, for a sword to hang on the wall for all to see and yet never be used. Just think! How many battles might never be fought and won by that sword because it never left its comfort zone. How many lives might have been saved with it by the Master Swordsman, if only it had been willing to see combat; you see, the Master only uses the willing weapons.

A blade by itself is simply a hunk of steel -- lifeless, useless, and dead. But when a true master picks it up, the blade comes alive. It dances and it flies; it sings and glides. Come; let us become alive in the hand of the Master of all swords. And let Him use you to help send the Devil where he

Posted by GodzScout at January 5, 2005 01:30 AM