November 14, 2004

first day of the Bible Study

Once long ago, I felt called to enter what I have termed the field of martial ministry. I began preparing myself to be used of God in a ministry that was rather unique. I wasn't sure how it was gonna happen, but I felt sure that it would. Today, after 6 weeks of running an extension of my teachers class at my church, I have begun the fist day of incorperating a Bible study directly following my class. We studied the first chapter of Proverbs, and will continue that book. It went well. So pray that it will continue to go well, and also pray that God will guide me as I try to teach out of this book to my two young men, and also prepare their hearts to learn. Pray that God will make this ministry fruitfull and multiply.


Posted by GodzScout at November 14, 2004 07:10 PM