November 01, 2004

The Color Black

This last weekend I tested for my black sash in kung fu, It was a whole weekend affair that traditionally in our school started a month ago, with my pre-black test and a lot of teasing from my teacher and classmates. As we got closer to the test itself, the teasing intensified, and the last part of it is the waiting. After the test is over, they make you wait for a long time before they tell you. Some times for a long time, and sometime not so long depending on how soon they can confer with each other to decide if you passed. In my case, we are moving towards two whole days now. Of course, I don't think they had a chance to talk about it, but they have dropped hints, like asking me for my sash length, and statements like, "I won't offer official congratulations yet...", but I feel as though I did pretty good, and definately come away from the experience with a positive feeling. Very humbled from the whole thing. time alone shall tell if I will wear black from now on, or some other color.

Posted by GodzScout at November 1, 2004 01:49 PM