October 25, 2004


Life is going on with or without me. I am surviving, and despite the business of it all, I am thriving. I have started teaching kung fu to two young men at our church directly following our morning service, class lasting sometimes all the way up to evening services. It is with these two young men that I have had many chances to mentor to varying degrees and they show great potential both to be kung fu students as well as strong christian men. I have petitioned the church to allow me to use the church facilities as a class room and then start having something more formal and structured. I would like to have a Bible study following every class if I can, and thus make a bit more ministry oriented, we shall see how it all ends up.

I made it through midterms in school, and I am quickly approaching my black sash test on Sat. the 30th so be praying that I do well. I have 185 days left till I graduate. ohhh to be free! to be done!

I am trying to motivate and organize the christians at work to be more evangelically minded and also more unified in their efforts. I would like to see the Army of the Lord march through our store and really do something great for our King.

I really feel as though I have a heart for the Gospel, for people, and there is nothing I would love more than to see the every day christians go on the offensive. The latent power of the sleeping church is intense! soo many individuals with so much to offer in terms of witnessing power who lie dormant waiting for something to spark them into action. What does it take? Ohh, Christians, let's get on the ball, let's get going. Whatever happened to the lay ministry, to the men and women of God who take Him everywhere everyday, and share Him with everyone? Let's get going, let's begin to move. Come on!

Posted by GodzScout at October 25, 2004 12:55 AM