October 10, 2004

segrigation of life, and the integration of Christ

Here is an exercise for you: Divide your life into these four groups:

Entertainment (play)
Education (school)
Employment (work)
Enlightenment (religion)

when you have all of the people and activities grouped, think about two things:

1) how you behave in each group
2) the people you interact with in each group


ask yourself, "does my behavior reflect my beliefs in each of these groups of my life? Does Christ have free reign in all of these four areas of my life?

and then ask, "how many people in each group have I recently proactively shared the Gospel with recently?"

kind of makes you think, doesn't it.

How much more powerful could we be if we stopped being segrigated Christians, stopped partitioning off our life and keeping Christ in certain sections? How many of our friends and aquaintances's lives could be changed if we bothered to step out and share our precious gift with them?

remember, Christ did not just save a part of you. He saved the whole of you. Christ did not just ask for part of you. He asked for all of you. Christ does not rule just a part of you. He rules all of you, or He doesn't rule you at all.

Do you profess to believe something in one group yet not reflect that belief in the behavior of the other? Remember, that if I profess to Believe something, yet my Behavior does not reflect that Belief, I do not truly Believe it.

God's command to preach the Gospel did not stop at Enlightenment, or Education, but spreads to Employment and Entertainment as well.

I see so much of this in the Church. I see people who pour their hearts out to the youth, yet never breath a word at work. I see youth who are all about the Bible at church, yet never speak of it at school. I see people who would never even dream of witnessing to their friends over dinner, at a ballgame, or after a movie. I know a young gentleman, who is quite the talented speaker, yet I wonder how often he speaks about Christ to his friends. I know people who are blessed with the ability to argue persuasively, yet they don't defend Christ. I know people who attract others to them by their compassion, yet don't speak of the source. This segrigation of our faith is killing the church today. Paul said that he knew only Christ and Him crucified, that means that everything he did somehow came back to that. When we truly make Christ the center, and give Him free reign in our lives, then He will do amazing things in our 4 areas of life. People should begin to think of you and instantly connect you with Christ.

then, you will cease to be a segrigated Christian and become an integrated Christian.

Posted by GodzScout at October 10, 2004 11:08 PM

Hi, i dont really know what ur name is ahaha, but i found ur blogsite when reading this article on christianity and kung fu and i saw ur response to another persons response... which was that the person asked or had the impression that kung fu was spiritual and how you said you would write a response to it on how it isnt? do you think you could send me that response please? it would be great!!! my email is k_diaz383@yahoo.com.au

Posted by: Kris at October 11, 2004 11:14 AM

I will, when I write it, life has been so busy.

Posted by: Read at October 12, 2004 12:06 AM