August 18, 2004

more monotonous minutes on me

Wow! did any one get the license plates on that summer!!!

It's been an extremely busy summer, let me tell you. And this coming semester doesn't look any slower, despite the much lower number of hours I am taking.

Guess what folks! Today started the beginning of the last 8 months of my college carrier!!!! How exciting is that? I am counting down the days till I am finished.

I began my chinese classes today. That will be the fun part of my semester this fall. Not only do I get to officially take a class on what has to be one of my favorite hobbies, I discovered that the teacher is an old aquaintance of mine from my Taiwanese fellowship days (I miss them days)! It was funny. Also, this class is the bump in the road for my school year this year, because it is at another institution. It starts at 10 am and ends at 1050 every monday - friday, and on monday, wednesday, and friday I have another class that begins at 11 am at mobap, 20 min. away at the best. So, I have to leave chinese at umsl at 1045 so I can get to Mobap (hopefully) no later than 10 min. late every day. How exciting, right?! On tuesdays and thursdays, it is easier, I start my mobap class at 8 am, and finish at 930 am, to start my umsl class at 10 am. So, I am looking forward to this semester. God has wonderfully, even miraculously, provided for my every need this semester and I am eagerly anticipating the miracles that He will perform to make the final few semesters of school do-able.

Among other things, I have already mentioned, my car died the final death. It's true, its over, all she wrote, the fat lady sang her song. However, literally just in time, an old toyota resurfaced from the circles of our family and I am not totally stranded without transportation during my most mobile months of my educational experience!

And we have to move! We have a new apartment just north of forest park (for those non-stlouis'ans, that is where the 1904 world's fair took place) and we begin moving in next week. I am excited, I look forward to this almost complete change for me, new classes, new school (sort of), new car, new home, well, at least I have the same job.

Sometimes, God provides with spectacular miracles, and sometimes He makes you just smile at how easy it was for Him. I was telling my mother that I had made a list of the things I have actually learned from the college "experience", and this is what I have come up with:

1.) Time management
2.) money management (still learning this one)
3.) Trusting God's timing and His plan
4.) leaning on His providence.

well, that's enough for now. Maybe later I will chatter on some more.


Posted by GodzScout at August 18, 2004 07:32 PM