June 26, 2004

blah blah blah

yep, that's right. Today was a blah blah blah day. I started off by getting up around 10 am and heading to walmart to pick up some stuff to accomplish my planned tasks for the day, got all the way there and realized I left my wallet at home so I headed back to get it, and then came all the way back to walmart. Picked up my stuff, and then went home to gather my laundry. I ate lunch and did my laundry, came home and took a nap, or did I take a nap and then do laundry, I can't remember. Either way, I did both. Then I went back to walmart and exchanged something that didn't work out for me (a mirror for my bike). and then headed to queenie park and juggled my soccer ball for a little while. My goal was to hit 50 and I did, barely. Then I went home and mailed my payment to umsl without a stamp (duh, that was stupid) and then worked on my bike until not too long ago. I fixed the gear shifters though, yay. Now I just need to get a new inner tube for the front tire. I installed an odometer and spedometer so I can keep track of how far I go next time I go riding.

Now that I have bored y'all to death with my list of things accomplished today, I just feel like saying that despite the number of things I did. I was bored to death all day!! It was very much a boring day, I noticed that the days I spend alone are generally the days I feel bored. Hmmm, interesting thoughts

well, that's enough for now

God bless, tayl

Posted by GodzScout at June 26, 2004 11:07 PM