June 21, 2004

evening bike ride turned swimming lesson

I got off work today at 7ish, and decided that I was gonna take a nice long bike ride. so I changed into some appropriate clothing and dusted of my bike, got it all ready to go and began my relaxing ride west on Clayton from the Galaria (for you st louis readers) and I was having so much fun that I just didn't notice the passing of the time, it had gotten quite dark by the time that I stopped at Clayton and Baxter to put air in my tires. I began my final stage of my newly devoloping plan to ride a little further on Clayton and then circle back to Baxter and then up to Clayton going back home when out of nowhere, it started to rain! At first I thought I would just have a little shower on my way back home, but then the rain began to come down even harder and the lightning began to flash, and then I could barely see, so I finally broke down and listened to my better judgement and since I was not far away from some co-workers house I "dropped in" for a surprise visit, much to my emberrasment (sp)! =) I stowed my bike at their house, and called my roommate to come get me (thanks Jon!!! your the best) since I couldn't get my brother to answer his phone =(.

so alas, much to my displeasure, my much anticipated return trip was post-poned until I go back to get my bike.

so nice to have nice friends!! Just in case ya'll read this, I am very very very thankful for your hospitality!!!!!

God bless you!


Posted by GodzScout at June 21, 2004 11:12 PM