May 05, 2004

meaningless midnight meanderings

I found myself somewhat taken by a contemplative mood. As I was struck by this mood, I realized that I had nothing in particular that I needed to contemplate. This put me in quite the quandry, as I could not quit my quizical state. So, I chose instead to take a walk into the wee hours of the waking day. As I walked, I talked - both to myself and to God. On this miniscule journey, I met a mysterious point upon which to meditate: Why on earth have I been so often captivated by this particular mood. This quiet and contemplative mood, in which I have found no satisfaction for I have nothing upon which to contemplate! It is truly quite frustrating. Yet, in the back of my mind I sense a struggle trying to break free and find some solace. What is it? What is this reason that I am so frequently caught in this quiet place, possessed with a powerful pull to ponder some penumbras thought? I don't know, nor do I understand. It is much like lonliness, but I do not know if it is, or if it is simply silenced by the sound of others. Yet, I am confused, for I feel as though I know, or should know what troubles me so.

enough of my babbling, off to sleep and other things

Posted by GodzScout at May 5, 2004 02:12 AM