April 28, 2004


What does the number 30 mean to you? Does it mean the number of years you are old, or young, whichever is the case? Or maybe the number of jobs you have held in your life, the number of cars you have owned, children and grandchildren you have, books you have read or written, states you have lived in or visited, languages you speak, friends you have. It could mean a great many things depending on the context you put it into. For me, today, it means the number of years that my parents have been married. For today, April 27, 2004, they celebrate their 30th anniversary.

It's been an eventful 3 decades, they started a grand old story, that is unfolding in its full scope even as we speak. The parents of 3 boys, the grandparents of 4 girls and one boy, they have increased the size of their family 6 fold (including grandma). It may seem like such a little thing, but I wonder, how in maybe another 30 years, how history will consider that day, April 27, 1974 and the blessed union of two of the wisest and greatest people in the world began to build a team that may just rock the world. A single stone ripples the whole ocean.

Congratulations Mom and Dad! I love ya, and hope that when my number 30 comes around, I can look back over the years and say, "Now I know what you felt like."

Posted by GodzScout at April 28, 2004 01:04 AM