January 29, 2004


I wonder sometimes. As I drove home from work tonight, a strange topic was on my mind. My intellect and my emotions mulled over this issue that was introduced to me from some unknown source. This often happens to me, I am unable to pinpoint exactly where and when a particular stream of thought comes from. I think it is part of being extrovertish -- thinking in real time instead ahead of time.

Enough of this beating around the bush, why don't I just come right out and say it. I know from my own experience and from doing a lot of listening, that people suffer from a feeling of inability. They lack confidence and believe that they can't do something, so they never try. It holds them back, and stunts their development. It brings to mind the old expression "The only thing to fear is fear itself." It seems kind of stupid to say it, but it is true. I know countless people (myself included) who fail to even try to develope a skill, or a weakness because they recognise it as a weakness. I just wonder why. Why do we not just work at developing it, building that strength, grow our confidence? Instead, we lie around in our comfort zone and allow our "inability" to rule our will to do. I know people who love to talk (like myself) who really don't know how to be quiet. I know people who love the quiet who are afraid to open up to people. I know people who are tallented writers that don't want anyone to read them. I know musicians who won't perform. People with testamonies who won't testify. People who love the spotlight, who won't work behind the scenes. I just wonder why it is that people are so afraid to work at developing themselves into better people by challenging themselves in the areas they are weak and not just being content to do nothing.

And then, I may just be seeing things. Oh well.


Posted by GodzScout at January 29, 2004 01:41 AM

Insightfull... you're right, I think. There're talents I wish I had that I never try to develop and also some of the same quandries you've already mentioned.

Posted by: Cal at January 29, 2004 03:47 PM