July 03, 2003

so what is a minister anyway?

a while back, I had lunch with the kung fu class at Mongolian BBQ. While at lunch, I discussed historical and religious topics with one of the new students, a history/religion major. After a ways into the conversation, he stops and gives me a puzzled look. "Are you a religion major?" he asks.

here I would like to pause time and consider something.

  • Why did he look puzzled?
  • Why did he think I was a religion major?

as to the first question, I do not know. But as to the second, I am very familiar with the answer.
Although, I am not a Biblical scholar by any means, nor do I have a great familiarity with Scripture, I am not unable to discuss with some knowledge things of God and the Scripture. When people hear this, they automatically assume that "He must be a religion major" or "he must be planning to become a minister"

My response has always been: Are not ALL Christians called to minister? In order to minister, do not all christians need to know what they believe and what God says? Of course! All Christians are called to minister, even if they are not called to be ministers.

Why is it then, that I am constantly, consistantly being asked this question by people? Should not every christian so conduct themselves that it is common place to be able to speak with even a hint of authority on such matters? Why then this. . . I don't understand. *confused look*

I responded, by saying, "No, I am what I like to call a 'Ministry Oriented Management' major."

Posted by GodzScout at July 3, 2003 02:10 AM