April 08, 2003

I have a new home!!!

I am so excited, I now have my own online home. Thanks to my techno savvy brother Jason I have to admit, I am impressed, he really knows what he is doing, I like watching him do stuff.

any way, on another note:

I helped to train a new CSM today, He was on his own for 1 hour (with management there to help). Hehe, I love it when new people get hired, they always seem to have a new appreciation for my job, only then do they truly understand that I really do work! After five minutes of me being on lunch, he comes up to me in the grill and says, "I hate my job already!" hehe, I just laughed. I came back from lunch, only away for 1 hour mind you, and he says, "I have never been so glad to see you in my whole life!" I love it. I laughed again, and just told him, you did a great job.

LOL, it was funny, I love training new people. :)

Posted by GodzScout at April 8, 2003 01:13 AM

as much trouble siblings\family can be at times ,they are a blessing. God gives us family that is here to help and love each other regardless. thank him!!!
1 peter 3:8

it's funny how people don't really understand the csm position and responsibilities until they put on their csm shoes and goggles you walk in and see through.

Posted by: jennifer at April 9, 2003 03:49 AM

A sioux chief once said that he would never pass judgement on someone until he had walked in their moccasins for one whole moon.

Posted by: Read Wall at April 9, 2003 11:54 AM