April 02, 2003

I heard from my logic

I heard from my logic professor today, I was right, he had an emergancy yesterday and was not able to make arrangements for his class.
I sometimes get fed up with people who complain about people and never bother to give them the benefit of the doubt. I hope they all feel horrible about making fun of our teacher because he didn't show. serves them right.
Immaturaty and lack of consideration towards people is beginning to bother me. Why is it that people complain about problems that they can't solve, and about problems they can solve instead of just dealing with it; and then they complain to all the wrong people, instead of going to the person they have a problem with, they tell everyone in the world who isn't involved and doesn't need to be. Like that actually helps them any.

Posted by GodzScout at April 2, 2003 01:37 PM